59e Congrès annuel Swiss Plastic Surgery

Digital Poster Exhibition
57th Annual Meeting Swiss Plastic Surgery


Available techniques to minimize scars in surgical management of gynecomastia: A review

G. Frigerio
Geneva University Hospital

Axonal mapping of the motor cranial nerves

V. Tereshenko
Massachusetts General Hospital, Medical University Vienna

Biomarkers in Breast Implant Illness

N. Pedrazzi
Cantonal Hospital Aarau

Cutaneous melanoma of the lip: A SEER analysis of epidemiology and survival outcomes with focus on surgery and other treatment options

J. A. Viscardi
Geneva University Hospital

“Cyclist’s nodule“: A rare and challenging condition

S. A. Graul
Cantonal Hospital Frauenfeld

Evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of progenitor biological bandages in burn care (Bru_PBB clinical study)

M. Flahaut
Lausanne University Hospital

Hydrotherapy in scar management

L. Deghayli
Lausanne University Hospital

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment promotes axonal outgrowth

D. André-Lévigne
Geneva University Hospital

Impact of adjuvant treatment on free flap volume in head and neck reconstruction:A systematic review of the literature and meta-analysis

P. Pfister
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, University Hospital Basel

Implementation of a microsurgery training skills lab at a tertiary care center in Switzerland

A. Navarra
Cantonal Hospital Aarau

Inferior gluteal artery perforator (IGAP) flap in autologous breast reconstruction: A proportional meta-analysis of surgical outcomes.

J. Martineau
Geneva University Hospital

Interdisciplinary management of cervical necrotizing fasciitis with descending mediastinitis

J. Hughes
Cantonal Hospital Aarau

Introducing a competency-based medical curriculum for plastic surgery at the Cantonal Hospital in Aarau

A. Wang
Cantonal Hospital Aarau

Is free nipple grafting required in patients undergoing reduction mammoplasty for gigantomastia? A systematic review with meta-analysis

F. Bonomi
Regional Hospital Mendrisio

Is reduction mammaplasty in adolescents a safe treatment? A systematic review and meta-analysis.

L. M. Nichols
Geneva University Hospital

Lateral chest, a stepchild in breast surgery

B. Kaiser
Swissparc Clinic

Mastering the curve - the near-circumferential extended abdominoplasty

S. A. Rossi
Royal Womens Hospital

Medial femoral condyle free flap: A systematic review of applications and proportional meta-analysis of surgical outcomes

M. Scampa
Geneva University Hospital

Necrotizing fasciitis: Two cases with involvement of 20-40% of total body surface and reconstruction with BTM (Novosorb) and split thickness skin graft

I. Käch
Cantonal Hospital Winterthur

Oblique flankplasty as an alternative to inverted-t-scar-abdominoplasty

S. Könneker
University Hospital Zurich

Oncoplastic reduction mammoplasty: Systematic review of the litterature and meta-analysis of surgical outcomes and complications

B. Tekdogan
Geneva University Hospital

Penile glans reconstruction using Matriderm and split thickness skin graft after squamous cell carcinoma excision: A case report

S. N. Schulz
Geneva University Hospital

Prediction of skin sensitization potential of biocides on HaCaT cells and primary keratinocytes

X. Chen
Lausanne University Hospital

Pyoderma Gangrenosum following reduction mammoplasty: A systematic review of the literature

D. Brucato
Cantonal Hospital Lugano

Regaining active knee extension by muscle transfer of the hamstrings: „Gocht“-procedure as an option?

L. Dietrich
Inselspital, Bern University Hospital

Reverse abdominoplasty in patient presenting with sub costal nephrectomy scar and transverse muscle incisional hernia

A. S. Alves
Geneva University Hospital

The use of kerecis Omega-3 fish skin for the treatment of burn wounds: A retrospective single-center analysis

T. Breckwoldt
University Hospital Zurich

Towards improved cell therapy for clinical construction of the skin

N. Hirt-Burri
Lausanne University Hospital

Use of closed-incision negative-pressure therapy in reduction mammaplasty: A systematic review of the literature

A. J. Klein
Geneva University Hospital

Versatility of the peroneus brevis muscle flap for distal leg and ankle defects: A systematic review

V. Mégevand
Geneva University Hospital, St Thomas' Hospital

Volumetric assessment of breast volume by Vectra H2 handheld device in different positions

A. Macek
Cantonal Hospital Frauenfeld
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